Minis This collection of mini furniture started during a brainstorming session in my senior year of college. It became a way for me to sketch in three dimensions and rapidly visualize ideas.

Cräst 1.0

Cräst 1.0 This was the first piece of furniture I ever made and served as a creative outlet between semesters of design school. I had recently learned how to make bent lamination plywood, and desperately wanted to make a functional piece. This design was later refined and resized on commission.


Rone This was designed and built to serve as a personal desk for the COVID-19 lockdown in early-mid 2020. It is made from reclaimed Corian countertop, steel tube, and bent-lamination plywood.


Been This coffee table was made from a large piece of reclaimed acrylic and mild steel. Another personal project, I was attempting to practice welding and create something functional while preventing such a large piece of plastic from an eternity in a landfill.

Cräst 2.0

Refined dimensions and styling from the Cräst 1.0 gave way to this commissioned coffee table.